If you're new to Dave Jackson, I like to play with toys. I like to look at technology and see where that piece of technology fits into the puzzle of our lives.

Over Christmas, I got involved in the Amazon World. Specifically, I know own and Amazon Echo, Dot, and I upgraded my Amazon Fire (to one that has Alexa).

Alexa is Amazon's voice control product. I now walk around telling Alexa to turn on the lights, add things to my grocery list, my todo list, setting alarms, adding things to my calendar. I even started an “Alexacast” to share the fun I'm having with my Amazon Units.

While I've always enjoyed the technical side of things, I typically don't consider myself one who does coding. I've worked in html back in the day, but that was about it. Well I recently discovered that the Amazon Echo/Dot can provide a customized news briefing for you. Consequently, I started creating content for people using this device.

I have the School of Podcasting News Flash

If you go to http://alexa.amazon.com and login. Click on Skills and type “school of podcasting”

The skill shows up and you can enable the skills.

This has podcasting news, reviews, and success stories. They are typically around 1-2 minutes.

All you have to do to launch you news briefing is ask, “Alexa what's new?” and she will launch your briefing.

I'm Being Stingy With It

Is this a podcast?


Right now, just for fun, I'm only releasing it on the Amazon platform, or if you follow me on Twitter (@davejackson).

The episodes are up for 24 hours, then I pull them. (it's news after all, kind of boring hearing last week's news).

Currently I publish M-F.

Here is a Sample (probably will be gone after the first week of January)

Interested in an Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap?

I have a buyer's guide at www.alexacast.com/buyersguide