Author: Dave Jackson

Podtrac Discontinues Support For Some Soundcloud Options

A recent update to Podtrac's Terms of Service (TOS) went out via email. Here is the part that caught my eye. The first is a change to our Terms of Service (TOS) which is effective immediately. We’ve updated the Registration and Implementation of Services section of the TOS to explicitly state that behaviors which attempt to falsely manipulate the measurement results are not permitted when using the Podtrac redirect. Those prohibited behaviors are: Use of any automated tasks or scripts (bots) Engaging in purchase of bogus podcast traffic/downloads Pre-loading of media files in website players or apps Issuance of...

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Anchor is NOT The Second (or THIRD) Coming of Podcasting announced YET ANOTHER major update. Each time they do this, they get all sorts of press, people run over there, try it out and then leave. They are always close, but from what I see they still don't get podcasting. I didn't get a chance to talk to them like I did Spreaker, Podbean, Blubrry and Libsyn at the Podfest conference. Oh, that's right, they weren't there. I would say they couldn't afford it, but I do see where they are giving people $1000 just to get listeners. Full disclosure, I work for Libsyn, but you will see...

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The School of Podcasting is Now On Amazon Alexa Devices

My Amazon Alexa skill (courtesy of ) has been approved. You can now listen to the School of Podcasting on your Amazon Echo, Dot, or other Alexa enabled devices. All you have to say is, “Alexa, enable School of Podcasting.” You can skip episodes, fast forward, rewind, and pause/resume. Here is a quick demo. Now when I publish an episode on Libsyn, I also publish that episode to my listeners on the Amazon Platform. Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month of hosting at If you're new to Amazon Alexa, check out my podcast...

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Why You MUST Start Podcasting in 2018

Have you thought about starting a podcast? My next session of Podcasting in Six Weeks is starting in January. Maybe you want to start a podcast but for whatever reason, you just haven't got around to it? Maybe you thought: Who would listen to me? I hate my voice I'm not a geek I don't know what equipment to buy I don't want to sound stupid Well many of my clients, students, and listeners thought that too, and here is what has happened to them Because of their Podcast (click player) I can help you face your fears, and...

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Another Clueless Free Podcast Media Host Goes Out of Business

Another free podcast hosting company has bitten the dust. Opinion podcast app launched in November of 2015 and today they launched a free podcast media hosting. Reviews and descriptions went like this on the next web website, “I’ve seen nothing as simple and straightforward for getting started in podcasting as Opinion. It’s still iOS-only, which is something the Seedcamp-backed startup will need to address, and editing lacks finesse (no ability to fade music out, for example) but there’s a really great product coming together here.” So I reached out to them with my criteria. Unlimited bandwidth and storage. Stats...

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