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Australian Podcast Consumption is Up 50%

According to the Australian IT: Last year only 16 per cent of Australians had an MP3 player, and less than a quarter of those had ever downloaded a podcast. CRA research from last month shows more than one in three Australians aged 14 years and over own an MP3 player and a third of those enjoy podcasts Read full...

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You Sunk My Paypal!

Are your sales down today? This might be the cause…        Why is this never happens (I can't remember this happening ever..) when I'm SENDING money. No it waits till I'm requesting...

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Getting Greedy Capitalists to Pimp the Association of Downloadable Media

The first session I attened at the New Media Expo was the first open meeting of the Association of Downloadable Media ( ). I was really looking forward to this meeting as this was a new company geared towards uniting together to create a system to track podcasts that everyone can agree upon. The podcasters that want to monetize their podcast really need this and I'm glad this assocation exits. Unfortunately this meeting was exactly what it was. A group just starting out, still organizing, and looking toward the future, but doesn't really have alot to offer now. Unfortunately I was there with the attitude of "What can this association do for me?" As this association is in its infancy – less than 100 members at the meeting -, they don't have much to offer right now (but in the future there were remarks of access to stats and such). It seemed the biggest benefit was the ability to help vote in the board of directors. That won't pay my tuition bill. The panel kept pleading with the audience to mention this and get people to sign up (a podcaster can sign up for $150). To this I thought… Your target market is people who want to monetize podcasting. So they like money. I like money. You want us to help you with your membership drive. You want us to...

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I’m the 9th Most Recognized Voice in Podcasting

While I was at the Expo I ran into Dan Klass of the Bitterest pill (One of my all time favorite podcasts, my show "Building a Better Dave" is a cheap immitation at best of the genious that is Dan Klass). While I'm interviewng him he says, "Hey, you're #9 !" and I'm like "Fwa?" he explain that Alex the Podcast Junk UK made a list of the most recognized voices in Podcasting and I'm number 9. The interesting thing is he is #10 (and that is a crime!). Here is how the rest of the list unfolds. 1 P. W. Fenton 2 Trucker Tom 3 Adam Curry 4 Leo Laporte 5 Mr. Cameron Reilly 6 Anji Bee. 7 CC Chapman 8 Franklin McMahon 9 Dave Jackson (that would be me) 10 Dan Klass The podcast Junky reviews different podcasts. Here is what he said about me "If you’re a podcaster and you haven’t listened to Dave Jackson’s “School Of Podcasting – Morning Announcements” then you’re really missing out on a treat. I just listened to his show entitled “Understanding RSS and XML” and it’s a great podcast to listen to if you’re still having trouble with that dinky little orange-coloured icon together with your xml feed." (This was after listening to show #72 ) You can find the Podcast Junk UK at...

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Yahoo Changes It’s Mind, Not the World

Yahoo closed its half built, never promoted (well almost never), podcast directory. The world scrambled to their blogs to say "See I told you podcasting is dead!" Meanwhile at the New Media Expo I was learning how USA Today will be linking to podcasts on their website, and mentioning them more in print. If Yahoo's fumble on podcasting is a sign that "Podcasting is Dead" than I I guess musicians should pack it up and go home as well as a recent blog Post on Yahoo's Site mentions how they are SCALING BACK some of their music activity as well.  The post states "we’re freeing up resources to feed new areas of focus." In other words, they changed their minds. To this people say, "Well if Yahoo is passing on podcasting, then it should mean something." To this I also point out that every major label passed on the Beatles. Meanwhile Microsoft is inching closer and closer to podcasting, USA Today is looking into embracing the "New Media" (apparently strong believers in "if you can't beat them…"). Why Yahoo never moved the podcast directory to the front page is beyond me. Lets create something and make it hard to get to, and then pull it when it doesn't deliver big results. Yahoo stuck their toe in the water. Apple jumped in the pool. The water is fine, and Yahoo...

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