One of the ways you can earn money from yoru podcast is to ask for donations. Many people want to use PayPal. One way to spur on donations is to set up a goal. I went looking for script/plugin to help with this and it seemed like THE script that had everyone a flutter was the “WordPress Donation Plugin with Goals and Paypal IPN by” I installed it and it seemd pretty easy to use with some short codes. I donated to myself. The payment went through but the “meter” still showed zero donations. I looked at their blog and made some different settings. Four donations later, I decided to buy the premium version. I thought it was odd that I didn't get any kind of download (especially as the company is about how to use new media for non profits). Instead I got this email from them this morning: Sorry for the inconvenience with this plugin. I've forwarded the request to our engineers, however as we can't commit to a time table for resolution, I have initiated a refund. You should see the refund in your PayPal account right away and in your bank account on or about Monday. So in the end it was good customer service (as I didnt' have to even ask for a refund), but I'm still looking for a cool WordPress plugin that would provide a way to track a donation goal(s) using PayPal. If you know of one, leave a comment below.