I had someone ask me “Why can't I just host my media files on the server that hosts my Website? After all they offer unlimited bandwidth.”

I went over to Host Gator and used their chat option. When it popped up it showed there were 200 technicians waiting to help me. I entered the chat at 12:54:27 PM, at 12:54:34 PM (10 seconds) my technician entered the room. I asked about their terms of service as I knew using their server to host media files would not be tollerated. The technician not only gave me the link to the TOS, but quoted the relevant part, “Using a shared account as a backup/storage device is not permitted.” As they had given me the link, there are other reasons (you can't use more than 25% of the server for a period of 90 seconds, so if you get popular people will be hitting the server a lot – and for extended periods of time).

At 12:58, I was given an apology for having it take so long, and I got my answer one minute later along with an another apology for taking so long (it had only been 4 minutes).

If you're looking for a host, I highly recommend them for your website. I called them last week to swap out a credit card on the billing side and I had a live understandable person on the phone in next to no time. – Awesome. Check them out at hostgator.com