Steve Dahl (to this I say who?), is sticking with Podcasting. His podcast has 7.5 million downloads since its launch in September of 2009, will evolve into a subscription-based service where devoted Dahl fans will be able to listen to their favorite media personality unregulated and uncensored for a monthly fee of $9.95

I will say looking at his website he has the most extensive show notes I've seen in a long time (as he puts almost minute by minute detail). If only he had a direct download link I could listen to it today (my day gig blocks most streaming devices).

Why Start Charging?

According to a story on the Chicago Tribune website, “Dahl, whose contract with CBS expired last week, has received about $1 million annually to stay off the air since being ousted from WJMK-FM in 2008. He began podcasting from his basement in September 2009, producing some 7.5 million downloads of his daily 90-minute show, according to his spokeswoman”

I wish someone would pay me $1 million to stay home.

Why Does that name ring a bell?

This announcement coincides with the 32nd anniversary of Disco Demolition on July 12, Steve’s renowned marketing stunt that sparked the end of the disco era, and one of the most talked about events in radio history. Who knows maybe he will blow up a bunch of radios.

Can You Live on Selling Episodes Alone?

If we look at the fact that he started September 8, 2009, to 7/12/2011 is 672 days. If we divide 7,500,000 downloads by 672 we get an average of 11161. downloads per episode. If Steve gets 1% of his audience to follow him (a realistic number in my book – but some might say thats too high) that will be 111 people. If you times that by the $10 fee he will make 1,110 a month (to keep things simple we will ignore any paypal, or iTunes fees – but if Apple is involved they will take 30-ish%). Please keep in mind, I'm going by published numbers and have no inside information as to how many downloads or listeners he may have. This is my opinion (based on the public data I could find). With this in mind, it may also explain the large amounts of advertising on his site.

Podcast Pioneer?

His website states, “From Radio Legend to Podcasting Pioneer, Steve, in his 31st year of broadcasting, and he has just as much to talk about as he did on day one.” Can I say that to be a true “Podcast Pioneer” your bio should say “Steve began podcasting in 2004 (or at least early 2005).” Michael Butler is a podcast pioneer. Then I thought, “Maybe he beat Adam Corolla to the podcast punch? Adam started his podcast Feb. 23, 2009, Steve started his on September 8, 2009. While he wasn't the first, he seems to be one of the first ten radio guys to try this.

What constitutues a “Podcast Pinoeer?” am I wrong?