I was reading an article about the Swerdlick family from Plymouth Minn. Here Father Dave and his two daughters Hannah and Zoe (ages 10ish-12) produce Kid Friday. The show is the three of them talking tech. Let's face it kids love new stuff. I was at a McDonald's the day after Christimas and overheard a child say to her father, “Do you know what I want for next Christmas?” When the father growned and said, “Let's not talk about next Christmas.” The child then said, “OK, do you know what I want for my birthday?” Kids love new stuff.

Swerdlick Family (Tom Wallace)


Consequently, Kid Friday has been downloaded or streamed online by hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide.

The fun part is if you look at the iTunes standings, the show is beating shows produced by Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, and Disney.

Not too shabby for a guy who was looking for something the whole family could enjoy. Mom is typically “in the studio” when recording takes palce for moral support.

They've been sent some free stuff from people like Mattel. As Dave put it, “When Mattel calls you up and says they've noticed you, well, that's certainly something.”

So if you think you can never make it on the charts in iTunes, Dave and the girls are proving you wrong.

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