I just got this email today from the folks at Blogger and Podcaster magazine. When this first launched, I signed up and I got a few clicks from being in their directory but not enough to compensate for the 50 bucks I had spent. The good news is they are taking strides to get more traffic and……. well here is the email I received.

I'm writing today with some exciting news that will enable you to promote your blog or podcast to a large mainstream consumer audience more cost effectively than ever before. Here are the details:
Back in December Blogger & Podcaster Magazine teamed up with USA TODAY to launch The Blogger & Podcaster Guide (think TV Guide for blogs/podcasts to a mainstream audience). I'm excited to announce that effective immediately, USA TODAY has given us permission to reduce the price from $49.95 per month (a bargain by USA TODAY standards) to just $5 per month. It is our hope that this new price point will make The Blogger & Podcaster Guide accessible for everyone. (If you’re already a customer of the guide no worries, the new pricing will happen automatically at your next billing cycle. You don't need to do anything.)
However, as they say in infomercials, "that's not all"…..

To further drive traffic into the Blogger & Podcaster Guide, in addition to our franchise spot on the home page of USA TODAY.com (visited by over 10,000,000 daily), USA TODAY is now going to be giving us 2,000,000 premium placed advertisements (leader boards, skyscrapers etc.) each month. That equates to just shy of 67,000 ads per day. We’re going to be all over USATODAY.com.

Perhaps most significantly of all, USA TODAY has given us permission to work with other media partners beyond themselves. This selfless act on their part has allowed me to work out partnerships with 15 additional magazines/publishers. The USA TODAY and ALL of the new publications are included at no additional charge to you…just $5 per month for them ALL. Plus, I'm having conversations many other publishers and expect to add new ones to our network every month. You can keep tabs on the complete list to date at www.bloggerandpodcaster.com/register.

Still not sure? You can get a free month by using a coupon available for School of Podcasting members. Come learn how to podcast at the School of Podcasting