I've been saying for years to respond to every email, voicemail, comment, etc. Today I got a great response from someone who had never written into a podcast before. She didn't expect a reply. She didn't expect it to be used on a podcast, and yet it was and is. Many of your listeners are new to podcasting. They think you're too busy to interact with the audience, when in fact many of use started a podcast so that we COULD interact with our audience. This again is probably due to the myth that the host must be super busy. After all, they are THE HOST!

People want to know how to build their audience. For me, it was as easy and clicking on reply. The image below (may be a bit hard to read as I had to resize for the website) reads:

“I have no problems with you sharing my e-mail, although it's a little strange for me. That was the first e-mail I've ever sent to anyone regarding their information or show online. I guess for my first, you made it memorable for even replying to me. I'll be looking forward to hearing your show.

Building Your Podcast Audience starts with Clicking Reply

On the other side of the coin,  I know most podcasters ache for more feedback. If you are an avid podcast listener I urge you to reach out to your favorite hosts today. This can be via email, voicemail, comment, etc. As much as you may be surprised to hear from the host, the case is often the same as we hosts are surprised to hear from you (as we sit in the basement tapping on the microphone asking ourselves, “Is this thing on?” I saw where it was downloaded, but is anyone really listening). So for all podcasters who have received feedback, I say to you our audience – thank you.