do-your-homeworkOK, there must be some new course, or guru telling people how to contact people to be potential guests. Here is the format

  1. Tell people how much you love the show
  2. Tell them your story
  3. Tell them what topic you can talk about and how much my audience is going to benefit.
  4. Kiss the butt of the host and tell them what an honor it would be on the show.
  5. Hint about the book or course you have, and how my audience would benefit.
  6. Promise to promote.

They are missing one key ingredient


You could even fake it, and go get a title of and episode and say “I really liked the episode on (title of episode). Take FIVE MINUTES and do SOME HOMEWORK!

You Look Like a Jackass When

When you start off the email with “I have heard some fantastic things about your radio show, congratulations on your success!”

If you go to the website (which will be pulled down soon) you will see the last episode was from 2013. That's three years ago folks. Oh and by the way, we're divorced (the therapy, while expensive, did not work).

Again, do some homework, or better yet, go by the book Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path To Building Your Business and Living Your Dream

Here is the (pretty much ) same email I get to the “healing our marriage” podcast.

Dear Dave and Diane

I have heard some fantastic things about your radio show, congratulations on your success!  (notice no specifics)

I am sure you are aware that at this time of year many men declare in their New Years Resolution that this is the year that they will find worklife balance, but they dont quite know the action steps towards doing so. I totally understand! In fact I was one of them!

Here comes their “intriguing” story.

After working until way past 10 pm week nights and on weekends, seeing my child growing up without me and almost losing my marriage I decided to do something about it. I wondered if work life balance is myth or real. My quest for the answer started in me quitting my day job and launching my coaching business for men in my situation and now I have helped 100s of corporate and business men, around Australia to expand their work life choices.

Men in my position never pause and always strive for excellence. Every day myriads of new information become available and it has dramatic effect on our professional and personal choices. Being small business owner or organizational leader requires taking on various responsibilities and commitments every day. As business owner I was struggling with balancing commitments to my career and spending quality time with my family. My belief was that there is not enough time in a day and something got to give. My scarcity mindsets created overwhelm and my productivity went tumbling down. Even worse my frustration started affecting my family and my relationships. But, I was determined to make it work.

This was the defining moment when I discovered the magic formula that is used by many successful business men and thought leaders throughout the world. It's called ESIP – Critical Alignment Model. I was very inspired by the transformation that I have experienced firsthand; I decided to launch my own coaching program that has a specific set of criteria to identify obstacles and turn them into opportunities. After transformation of my career and life results, my friends asked me to help them to improve their work life choices. My coaching program grew and all of a sudden I found myself helping men across Australia and New Zealand to reframe their way of thinking about time, productivity, family and relationships.

(Did you notice he has a coaching program?)

It would be an absolutely honor if you would consider interviewing me on your show I would be more than happy to talk about any of the following topics:

*  The 5 mistakes that destroy life balance

*  Discover your ideal self

*  How to create sustainable positive life change

Or… any other topic of your choice!

As a way of thanks I will provide you with 

Here comes the promise to promote

I extremely value the community that you are building around your show and I certainly dont take being featured on your show lightly and so if this was possible in return I would:

*  Promote the link to my interview on my show across my Facebook, LinkedIn and Social media profiles (a combined following of 800)

*  Send an email of the link to my interview out to my database of over 800 people who are passionate about gaining the exact quality content that you provide

*  Provide to you a raving testimony of your awesomeness!

I would be truly honored to be interviewed on your show, when would you be available to jump on Skype tomorrow to discuss this?

I look forward to talking with you,

Slava Douchebag
Business & Leadership Coach
Seriously you're a Business coach?
How about getting to know someone first? How about, “I really liked that last episode when you..” . Why don't they do this?
Because it takes time.  We all want our show to grow fast and inexpensively. As my buddy “The Real Brian” says, It can be Good, Fast, or Cheap – but you can only pick two.
If you listen to industry standard (who has been the manager of every famous comedian -ever) he interviews entertainment executives and you hear over and over and OVER.
It's all about relationships
And you don't build relationships with an email template and a shotgun approach.
Do you your homework if you want to get an A.