Once again a podcast leads to a radio gig. In the begining there was Sex with Emily, last week we read about Marc Maron and his WTF podcast being edited for airplay. Now come Chris Hardwick and his “Nerdist” podcast which is coming to BBC America.

The Nerdist is a pop culture podcast. Chris is a comedian, but growing up in the 80's I remember him from Singled Out on MTV with Jenny McCarthy. he is alos host of Web Soup. He has been recording the nerdist since 2010.

Podcasting has worked especially well for Hardwick, who wrote this in an interview with Andy Samberg in last month's issue of Wired (and in Nerdist episode #79):

Like all comedians, I have a podcast. Mine is called the Nerdist, and starting it was my single best career decision ever. Doing a weekly show let me burrow into a niche and connect with like-minded nerds. Plus, it has done more to increase attendance at my live shows than all of my TV projects combined. 

Source: avclub.com