I just got my invoice for aweber which was $189 for the year. That's a chunk of change, but I also use it to broadcast every time I write a blog post (automatically). I use it to track clicks on my blog posts, and I use it as an auto responder for such things as planningyourpodcast.com Everyone of my podcasts has an email list managed by aweber.

Still I thought, “Are people still reading e-mail?” I do. I've signed up for more lists the past couple months (as I get into publishing my own book) than I have in years. 

A new study at emarketer shows I'm not alone. According to the report, “86% of survey respondents said they used email to share content, while just 49% said they used Facebook. Broken down by age, the preference for email is more pronounced as users get older. And only the youngest group polled, those ages 18 to 24, reverses the trend, with 76% sharing via Facebook, compared with 70% via email.”

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