Not everybody is hip to RSS even after watching tutorials at

So how do we get these people notified that there is a new episode? Easy. E-mail.

Now there is a feature in Feedburner where you can put some code on your blog, your listeners signs up, and when you post a new post on your blog, they get it emailed to them (including a link to the podcast). Great Right?

Nope. Here is the ACTUAL SIZE of the text that gets emailed to people.


Then there is feedblitz (another option in feedburner). where people can sign up for your podcast notifications via email. The difference? This one will be branded with feedbltiz buttons. Its much easier to read, but none the less, your listeners may be going, "What's a feedblitz?"

Aweber is an email program, auto respoonder system that also has the capability of taking your e-zines, your newsletters, etc and creating and RSS feed for them. So you could go from e-mail to blog. But what about the other way? I want my blog (podcast) to be sent via email. Sure can! You get to choose from many different templates, add in default text, logos, and more.

Here is a template I'm using for my Logical Weight Loss podcast ( )


Now this is not the actual size (like the feedburner). Its much easier to read, AND you can track how many times something in your email was clicked on.

Now the down side. Feedblitz and Feedburner are free. Aweber is $179 a year (15 bucks a month-ish). While that is a chunk of change, what it also allows you to do is to ask for the name, and email address, as well as city, state, etc when signing up (don't ask for too much or they won't sign up). You also can email them without creating a podcast. So for people getting your pdocast via RSS, the only way to communicate with them is to put some media down the RSS feed. However, the people who have signed up to receive updates via email can be emailed with information that is NOT covered in the podcast (bonus material).

All I know is, I may be getting older, and my eyesight isn't what it used to be, but that feedburner text is unreadable.

For more information about Aweber go to