Rich and Addie Kania host "The Secret Attraction Podcast" ( ) She is a licensed hypnotherapist and has appeared on local radio stations in her area. She started podcasting in October of 2007, and has been having a blast. All of their episodes have been downloaded over 200 times, and some of the episodes are approaching 1000 downloads. Not bad for 4 months under their belt.

She has had CDs available at her site, but as she got into podcasting (an immediate information delivery system) she looked into providing her CDs in a digital format. I helped them install Download Guard ( ) and in about two weeks we have seen our first sale. The best part? No trips to the post office, UPS store, etc. No label printing and CD burning either. This naturally means MORE PROFIT.

If you want to see Download Guard in Action go to (note the software has been updated since I did this video).