If you've listened to my podcast or read this blog, you know I love WordPress. One of the reasons is the community around that build great looking themes, useful plugins, etc. I came across an article the other day that has some examples of some free Magazine style themes. What is a magazine style theme? Magazine themes have a few characteristics that distinguish them from traditional blog themes.

  1. Magazine themes only use excerpts or headlines on the front page, while standard blogs will use either full posts or excerpts.
  2. A magazine theme functions more as a portal to content on the rest of the site. The magazine theme will give visitors a glimpse at what is available and it will direct them to go in whatever direction they like.
  3. Magazine themes make more effort to organize the content of the blog and present what is most important, whereas traditional blog layouts will order front page content based on what is most recent.

If this is what your looking for check out the article here.