Musicians Cyber CoolerBack in the day, I had a newsletter for Musicians Called "The Musicians Cyber Cooler." In 2005 the newsletter became a podcast and we dropped the "Cyber" as it was so 1986.

I still have people subscribed to that newsletter (it would come out weekly). Some (but not all) became listeners.

Recently I started blogging to promote the podcast. I thought of the 700+ subscribers still on the old newsletter. I went into my Aweber account and saw where you can take an RSS feed and have it sent your e-mail list automatically. Even cooler than that (no pun intended), was the fact that I could have it come out on a certain day (say every Monday). How cool is that?

So if I post 4 blog posts Tuesday through Friday, on Monday the newsletter people will get all of those posts in one e-mail. I could also set it up to deliver an email every time I have at least X amount of posts that have not been sent (convienient if you dn't want to bug the readers and you blog frequently..

So I sent them all an email stating that the printed version of the Musicians Cooler (which you can read at ) will now be delivered via email. (Which you guessed it will have one post about the latest podcast).

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