Today I was getting ready to record my podcasts for the week. I have moved to a new location (see for more on that), and once again was setting up shop to record (very easy with a small mixer, a microphone, and a portable recorder). I've had my Zoom H4 since it came out. It's served me well. I have used it by sending the direct out of my mixer into the recorder. I've used the built in microphones. It's been a fine unit. My only criticism of it was the size of the display and the fact that I could never get proper recording levels as I couldn't see how close to “0” I was getting.

Today as I started recording, the dog found a squeak toy, and I turned to go and get the toy. Unfortunately my feet were tangled in cords, and the H4 went flying. This was not the first time it has taken a ride on gravity, but it will be its last. It turns out that somehow the auxiliary inputs no longer work. I've trouble shot, and nothing. The built in mic works, but not the ability to plug in an external device.

I could go for its little brother the Zoom H2, but I would be in the same boat trying to read a small display. I do like the microphones of the H2, and the price is nice. I could go with the Zoom H4n which replaced the H4, but I've heard over and over about the Edirol R-09. The bad news is this doesn't exist anymore. It's replacement is the Roland R-05. It would do what I want it to do. It allows me to plug my mixer into the line in. It allows me to plug microphones (with the proper adapter for the 1/8″ adapter) if I don't want to use the built in microphones (which sound fine). For me, the thing I love is the bigger, easier to read display.

The bad news? It's $250 bucks. A bit out of my price range. And then I found another reason to love Same Day Music (the first being they do not charge Sales tax unless you line in New Jersey – Sorry Snooky!). They have a plan where you can make payments on items. How cool is that? Come next paycheck I'll be giving them $125, and then I have 60 days to give them another $125