happymeal.pngMy Weight Loss Podcast was previous sponsored by a few different companies. I was running CPM, and I tried some other things and I ran into an issue. I had a company that makes software involved with the show. The problem was that I knew their software was good, but not as good as the software that I personally use.

So when their contract was up, I was getting tired of looking for sponsors (although I had not had any issues finding sponsors) and I was wanting to keep my freedsom to say whatever I wanted, so I've taken the podcast into a "Premium" model.

So now you can still get the free podcast, but you can get extra podcasts, a goal setting workbook, a report on how to use your ipod as a weight loss tool, workout music and more. The price? It's $2.64 a month.

$2.64 ? Fwa? 
Well in Ohio you can get a McDonald's "Happy Meal" (with its 650 calories and 33 grams of fat) for $2.64

So now you can take the money you would spend on something that is NOT going to make you Happy, and is not the healthiest food to eat when you are trying to lose weight, and instead get weight loss advice, tips, and tricks on fitness and more (I've lost 5 lbs this month, and 20 more to go).

You can find the free podcast at www.logicalloss.com and you can sign up for the premium version using the form below (I completely respect your privacy).