I once worked for a copier company. We had sales guys throughout most of Ohio, and parts of Pennsylvania. Once if not twice a month we had a sales meeting to read the current sales totals, and attempt to motivate people at 7 in the morning. The sales staff had to get up early to make the meeting, and had to concentrate to avoid falling asleep in some cases. When the meeting was over they would head back out to the field (after some doughnuts, and catching up on the latest office gossip). Keep in mind that many of the sales staff were now 60 plus minutes from their territory and first appointments.

 How Podcasting Can Do it Better

You could save a ton of cash while still delivering this information. By using a secure (internal) podcast you could deliver this information via a podcast. What would be the benefits?

You would reduce expenses as the mileage to the office was paid.

You would increase efficiency as the sales staff could burn the podcast to a CD and listen to this information in the car on the way to their first appointment.

Technology allows you to see who has or has not listened to the meeting information.

If you need to send individual “sales coaching” to a sales rep this could be done via that sales reps RSS feed (or this other device you may heave heard of called the telephone).

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