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I'm putting some of the final touches on my book “More Podcast Money” and looking into things like the cover design, editors, etc. I've been getting great feedback from my beta readers (who have earned their mentions in the book). I was trying to figure out if I wanted to go with Lightning Source or Create Space. As my primary goal was to get into I beliee I'm going to go with CreateSpace. It osunds like I could make more money per sale with Lightning Source, but the time it takes to get into takes longer, and their printing (especially the cover) may not look as good as CS printing.

I won't be using the editing services that CS offers (a bit too high). I am reading everything I can and it sounds like you can get some quality people on craigslist, or just a thorough Google search.

I've got copy editing, purchasing of the ISBN numbers, setting up a publishing company (which I will probably do through Legal Zoom) and more before this thing can be pronounced “done” but its nice to have the first complete draft of the book 97% done.

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