Podcasting is DeadLeo Laporte said at the Online News Association Conference that Podcasting is dead because its' too hard (apparently an iTunes one clickis to hard). In the same speech he also:

Stated that he earned 1.5 million
He sates that he has $350,000 in expenses (do the math).
He states that because of the relationship with his listeners, and the power of his niche he can charge $70 CPM.

If Leo thinks a medium that produces big profits, and can charge double what radio does (from what I've heard) than I wonder what criteria it takes to be “alive.” Maybe this could be Leo attempting to once again get the word Podcasting off the charts (and move Netcasting into place once he gets the trademark on the word).

If you watch his speech, I do agree that the way people will continue to consume content will change (much like the way we watch movies has changed. From the big screen to the ipod screen, to netflix.com).

The folks at feedburner said the average podcast has 70 subscribers, but that subscribers are growing 20-30% a month. Sounds pretty dead to me.

Adam Corolla Gets Hired By the People Who Fired Him

Adam Corolla got fired from radio (After replacing Howard Stern) started a podcast and never skipped a beat. To bad podcasting is dead. Oh wait, the same company that fired him is now co-producing his podcast and will help sell sponsorships. Carolla is avergaing 130,000 listeners. To bad its so hard to subscribe.

It's almost as if Leo did it as a publicity stunt. Because if podcasting is dead, then I want to be dead too! Here is the video of Leo's speech