po-dDennis Miller and Adam Carolla have united and taken their comedic rants to a whole other level. Each week, stay tuned as this dynamic duo cover current events, pop-culture and life as they speak with celebrity friends. This PO'DCast is sure to entertain. I check out the episode title “Welcome” and found it very interesting. First of all if you've ever listened to Dennis Miller his show is done in chunks. It's from the Radio, and it has that radio “Get in – get out so we can get to traffic” mentality. Now Miller is enjoying the freedom of podcasting. In the welcome episode he tells Adam:

I talked to Larry Miller and asked him what it’s like and he said, You have to go in and know that you can’t map it all out and just start having a conversation. Then it clicks in that you don’t have to have everything all mapped out, and you’ll find it amazingly cathartic. This feels like what I use to pay a shrink $300 an hour for – except we’re getting paid.”

Later Adam says to Dennis:

This medium is beautiful for people who want to communicate, people who want to share ideas, and people who want to talk. You won’t find this anywhere else. It’s not late night television; it's not AM radio, it's just NOT. It’s not that there is anything wrong with that. Their metronome is set at a much different pace, and it has to because of their format.

I'm a huge Dennis Miller fan, and I've always enjoyed Adam as a guest on other shows. I love that they have teamed up, and this should be fun a fun listen (and an actual podcast from Comedians that will make me laugh).

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