OK, I am NOT the guy to talk about polish. My posts are often graced with a typo or three. With that said, I sit here in my glass house and throw a stone (as I just can't help myself). I had a listener contact me and give me some great pointers. Then they RAVED about a marketing podcast. They insisted that I go to iTunes immediately and download all of their back catalog. The podcast is about branding and marketing.

I was impressed with their intro music. It seemed to get my attention (I was working on a website as I listened). I came over to check out their album art.That's the picture in iTunes in the bottom left hand corner.


Then I got to listen to their phone call.

I guess skype costs too much? (free).

I will do my best to focus on their content and not how it is delivered.  I don't think I'm an audio snob, but with tools such as a Blue Snowball and Skype, I truly don't understand why someone would expect their music to be embraced if they released it on an 8-track tape in a world of CD quality. A Blue Snowball is not my top choice, but plug and play gentlemen.

Really? Yeah, really.

I went over to their website to leave a comment or contact them about helping them, but there was no contact information… I'm 20+ minutes into an episode and heard no way to contact them. Hmmm.

Where are my snarky pills. I'm a bit out of control lately.

Call me boys (please). You seem to have a loyal audience with poor audio quality. You could take over the world with a $200 Investment. You are a white paper waiting to happen.