iThemes BuilderI recently purchased the Builder theme from While I like the thesis theme (which is very flexible) this provides the flexibility without adding a whole new learning curve of WordPress hooks and such.

The power of the Builder theme is the can create a style that represents the colors, text size, and much more.

You then apply the style (color) to a layout which is where you decide if you want a header graphic, sidebars, footers, html code, and much more. You can then save those settings under a name.

So in my example I had a style called “green” that I applied to a layout called “test.”

Then I created a post and told the post to use the “test” style (which came out with the layout an colors).

You can make endless themes, and layouts for a ton of combinations such as:

1. No sidebars for a sales page

2. No sidebars if you are using embeded forums like simple press

3. A different header graphic for different pages or posts

You can stay as simple or get as fancy as you want. I just scratched the surface with this 10 minute video. I had been using the theme for about 10 minutes before making this video. (you may need to click the “full screen” view to get the details).


[flv: 467 350]

For more information go to