Here is a novel idea. I know they whole “Web 2.0” saw a large amount of people giving away their stuff (and subsequently, then going out of business). Jott Service (which is a great tool that you can call, they translate your voice message- via an actual human – and put that text in your email, or you can use the technology to put it on your blog, a to do list and more) has decided to stop giving away their technology.They must be “Mavericks.”

Here is the information:

Jott Basic and Jott's other free voice-to-text services will not be available after February 2nd, 2009. Click here to learn more about why we're making this important change. To get an additional 10% off a paid annual Jott subscription when you upgrade, go to the billing page for your account by February 2nd and enter the promo code “JOTT3308075236” for the Jott plan, or “PRO3308075236” for Jott Pro and hit the “Apply” button. This discount only applies for existing Jott customers like you. Upgrade today!

They have a Jott Basic at $3.95 a month or or #9.50 a year.  Jott Pro is 12.95 a month or 129.50 a year.  They also have a pay as you go plan where 10 minutes cost $9.95 (again prices go down the more you buy).

Congratulations to Jott for realizing that you need to charge money to stay in business!