I’ll be honest. I bought into the Stompernet site when it was around. Andy Jenkins had some great materials, but when he tried to sell me a magazine for $45 I was like “Hold on!” and then later when they botched the delivery of the magazine (not to me, I got the trial issues and canceled), he lost a lot of friends.

Andy is the king of one thing, and that is making preview videos. The other thing I appreciate is that you don’t have to provide any email address to watch the video (only if you want to be alerted when the next video is available).

The thing I want people to look at is HOW he is doing this.

1. Great looking and sounding video.

2. Explains the pains of people, and how his system eliminates it.

3. Has your attention, but doesn’t want to over do it, so he is breaking into sections.

4. He hasn’t talked price yet.

So even if you don’t buy this product, I urge you to go over and observe how a product launch happens from someone who has been involved with some people who have done some very successful product launches. Watch the kajabi video