I've been listening to Contagious by Jonah Beger on Audible. A friend of mine told me there is a course by Jonah on Lynda (its about an hour and covers the same information). If you are not much of a reader, the audio book and the course at Lynda will get you going. The book explains how they studied a TON of stuff and why it got shred/went viral. It's pretty cool, and Jonah does a great job of making interesting without just reading a bunch of numbers. Her breaks it down to a series of steps

Contagious Steps

This book works so well because it uses these steps.

1. I'm telling you about this now, cause I think it will make me look knowledgeable about creating good content. – Social Currency

2. Triggers – It makes me excited that there is a reason (not luck) to making content go viral – Trigger/Emotions

3. I see Jonah everywhere. I've heard him on Pat Flynn, and when I saw him on Lynda, I thought this guy MUST be good.  РPublic

4. In a nutshell, it just got great content. You can use these steps to help shape your content. –¬†Practical Value

4. He used stories to explain the numbers behind the science. – Stories.

You can get Jonah's book for free as a Free book from Audible

You can get the video series for free while using any of your  10 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.

You can get the book on Amazon.


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