Another podcaster (Dan Klass being another one) has been featured in on the pages of the New York Times. Leo Laporte (the man behind the twit network) has a story about him and how he is building an empire.

Here are some fun stats:

“This Week in Tech,” which is downloaded by a quarter of a million people each week. He produces 22 other technology-focused podcasts that are downloaded five million times a month. He also streams video all day long that captures his podcasting and a weekend radio show on computers, “The Tech Guy,” that reaches 500,000 more people through 140 stations.

 Leo Laporte's Podcast Advertising Rates

Leo's rates star at $40 per thousand listeners, TWIT’s ad rates are among the highest in American podcasting and are considerably higher than commercial broadcasting rates, which are typically $5 to $15 per thousand listeners.

Here is a link to the full story 

Here is a link if you want to start your own podcast