Mark from the veteran radio team “Mark and Brian” has left radio to start a podcast with his wife. Mark and Brian have been doing radio since 1987 and at one point had a TV show that I barely remember.

The interesting thing is they are using a NING site, and to even LOOK at the site you have to give them your information. This seems a bit assertive in my book. Typically you give someone something before you ask them for something in return, but I get it. Once I logged in I had to provide my demographics (sex, age, location) so this will be used for sponsors.

Once again proving that radio people don't understand podcasting, in the video below Mark expalins that every day when they finish the podcast its going to tbe e-mailed to you. Hello Mark? Ever hear of RSS?

He's making it a family affair by having his children do segments. It seems like a great way to kick back on the lake, follow your passion (radio/podcasting) and spend time with your spouse (sounds liek a great idea). I wish him all the luck.

Their video is king of campy. If anything it kind of makes him look like a jerk and the “jokes” seem a bit planned.