PremiumcastI think I'm a curse. Every time I attend a Paul Colligan webinar something flaky happens with the technology (in this instance firefox got “persnickety”).  I know it's me. When I watch replays of other webinars Paul does, they are fine. This webinar was about setting up a membership site with his Premiumcast system. I was very curious about this as I get a request to build a membership site about once a week (and I typically sent them to Amember or Easy Member Pro). 

Here is the great part. Even with a technical glitch, and even with explaining what he was doing Paul set up a Membership site in about 20 minutes. Later when I went back and tried one myself, I clocked in right around 5 minutes.

The other cool thing is it used to be “Do you want a membership site, or premium podcast feed?” It was kind of an either or situation, and now Paul's system offers BOTH.  People can sign up and login to the members area, subscribe to a premium feed, and never come back (and still get every ounce of “members only” material). You can also choose to just have a “traditional” membership site (no premium podcast feed).

The other cool thing is he has a built in API system that allows you to do, well, anything Premiumcast can't do (um I can't think of any). An example might be to have the Premiumcast system “talk” to your system. I've never used this feature (a bit too technical for me), but its nice to know its there if needed.

The only difference between Premiumcast and a software package like amember is ameber runs on your site (and thus there is only a one time fee). However, I can say in the last few months the monthly fees to Premiumcast have paid for many, many  new features (coupons, numerous  pricing options for selling digital products and more – I expect it to do my laundry any day now). You just can't do all the stuff premiumcast does with those other systems. I've loved premiumcast since day 1, and it just keeps getting better. 

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