I've been a Mevio producer almost since day one. I use other services such as Libsyn.com and Blubrry.com but I used Mevio, and they found affiliate deals that were in some cases better than I could get on my own. This weekend things went weird. Many producers explained how they couldn't upload new files. I know I couldn't upload the latest episode of the Jillian Michaels Podcast. The Google group used to communicate internally has grown a bit to quiet except for people asking “What's going on.” I've always enjoyed my time, and checks, from Mevio.

According to a report on tech crunch, “he company recently announced a move to “unify” channels that could explain their lockdown:

“By unifying our previously independent online channels, Mevio is now able to more accurately represent our significant growth, and underscore our increasing value to brand advertisers,” said Ron Bloom, Mevio’s CEO. “Our top 15 ranking on comScore reflects Mevio’s focus on building a true entertainment network that combines the reach and frequency of traditional television with the interaction and accountability of the Internet.”Mevio has been increasingly attracting large brand advertisers and management expects the company’s explosive growth will enable it to better serve brands that are interested in advertising on entertainment sites that deliver TV quality, original content.”

Mevio was started in January of 2004 and has received 38.9 million in funding.

Could this be another example of a “Free” business model not working? I hope not. Stay tuned.