Have you seen the new Zune TV spot? GADS! Pink Bunnies? (new window)

music starts of White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane "one pill make you larger….."

I remember an old Levis advertisement back in the 70's where they thook the trademark for a walk. To me that set the bar pretty high in the "wow that's weird" category. I found it on you tube, and it kind of talked about their product. Where is the cheshire cat in the zune commercial? He seems to be the only thing missing.

From what it sounds like the new Zune is Microsoft finally stepping up to the plate, and stepping up in style. Now if we can just get some advertisement that makes sense. Here are some thoughts

What is it?
What does it do?
How is it going to make my life easier?
How much does it cost?
Where can I buy one?

This commercial makes me want to take some "X" and listen to the chemical brothers. (not that I've ever taken.. oh its a joke…)

They have done a good job at building excitement around their new directory. I'm checking sites daily if not hourly.


Zune TV Spot
Zune TV Spot