I spent most of the day with some very helpful, lovely tech support people at apple. They reminded me each time that my ipod classic is out of warranty (I bought it back in Feb 06, a lovely silver 60G ipod – the biggest they had at the moment). I am still checking as I assume my Best Buy warranty is gone as well.

If I remember right I spent around 400 bucks for this thing that itunes won't recognize, and when it does recognize it, it can't restore it. It's pretty much “send it off to get it fixed.”  So it lasted 30 months. This means it lasts (roughly) 900 days or .44 a day.

I can send it to depot.info.apple.com who will repair my 400 ipod for another 200 bucks (includes shipping and handling). I can go buy an 80 gig Ipod classic for $239 (or Zune…. hmmm) for $236 bucks. This is the “Wonderful” support I always hear from the Mac Elite? Naw, Steve knows I've got all the accessories and I will stay with the ipod brand so I don't have to buy new decks, speakers, cases, etc.

All I know is I can't afford either right now, and those weekly trips to Cleveland are going to be long. Thank God for my Satellite radio.  I guess I'll ask my good friend google where I can get it repaired.