For those of you looking to start a “freemium” service for your podcast, things just got a lot easier. Last Friday Digital Access Pass release version 4.2 and now each member can have their own RSS. When they stop their subscription, you stop their content. COOL. Best of all is there are NO monthly fees (Hello Premiumcast users? If all you’re using that system for is premium delivery, then you may want to consider adding another $99 a month in your pocekt). Digital Access Pass is a membership script that works with WordPress (or without). But it is more than “just a membership plugin.”

When people sign up at the School of Podcasting, they could (if they want) sign up for a week, consume all my data, and leave. This means I need to keep creating new material to make sure they stay subscribed. The solution? If your content is evergreen, Digital Access Pass (DAP) will “drip” your content. You tell the script on day number (you pick) send them this content. With this in mind, if you created 52 premium episodes, a person could sign up and you could give them a weekly podcast and you wouldn’t have to create a new episode for a year.

It has coupons, one time offers, and you can have unlimited products, sell downloads, auto responders, protect files, and more. The list goes on an on and you can see the feature list here.

I’ve used WP Wishlist (great community), eMember, and many others. DAP has it all, and with this new relase they made it even easier to manage (not that it was hard before, but we are talking monkeys can set up a membership site or digital product now).

Best of all is their incredible, quick, “over the top like nobody else on the planet” – support. They have an active forum, and if you can’t find an answer there, the developers will get you a answer quickly. To say I feel supported is an understatement. I don't know if I've ever said this, but there may be too much documentation.

Yes it’s more expensive than of of the other plugins ($167 includes free install, free updates for a year, and a 30 day guarantee for one site, and $297 for unlimited sites). I’ve used them all. This is the best. This new version is in beta, (so they are still working on documentation for some of the new features). When I asked about this I got an almost immediate response to my question. Great product + Great Support = Great System.

If you need help, let me know.