You never know when lighting is going to strike. All of the sudden you get a call from a publisher and they want to turn your podcast into a book (take a look at the Amy Mac story from earlier this week). In addition they want to turn your podcasts into an audio book. The bad news is the only version you have is an mp3 file at 96kbps (FM quality).

While there is always the ability to "scale down" high quality audio files, there is no way to "undo" the scaling down. This is why you should export your finished podcast as a .wav file (.aac for those mac users) AND an mp3 file (for you video people, a high def, and a regular def). The problem is they take up a HUGE amount of space.


carbonite.pngYou can backup GIGS AND GIGS AND GIGS of space for $5 a month with a company called carbonite. It just rocks. You install some software, it encrypts your data to keep it secure, and it uploads it far away from your office, home, etc. So if it ever burns to the ground (or if you hard drive crashes like my Girlfriends did last week) you can easily get your data back.


I've made a quick video of how easy it is. Now you can export your files to a wav, let carbonite back it up, and then delete the wav file. If you ever need it, you just restore it. This way your wav files are saved, and you still have plenty of hard drive space.