I'm going to break a rule here. I know we are supposed to “Be positive,” if we want to win friends and influence people. So I guess I am looking to lose friends and upset people.

I read where ROJS Media was hiring a telemarketer to try and sell advertising on their podcast. When I Googled “ROJS Media” it brought me to the Reach Out Job Search podcast. With this in mind, I'm connecting dots with assumptions here (but in looking at the site I'm 99% sure its the same people).

In looking at their media kit, a few things that stand out. In February 2011 they had almost 200 live listeners. In March 2011 that went to 86 and continued downward. Likewise their download numbers have fallen off from 10,000 to 239. I'm not sure this is going to inspire people to sponsor your podcast.

Here is what they are looking to charge for their podcast:

Introductory Advertising Packages range (including a FREE 5 Minute Business Profile Interview that would play once-per-month on our podcast) for 90 days include

Package 1-Total Value-$729.00
20%-Commission earned for each package sold $145.00

Package 2-Total Value-$513.00
20%-Commission earned for each package sold is $107.00

Additionally Earning Opportunities exist with landing telemarketing sales of our Premium Sponsor Packages:

Premium Sponsor Packages (including 12 months of advertising on our program) range from $1404-$4320
20%-Commission earned for each package sold on Premium Sponsor Packages would range between $280.80-$864.00

In addition to their numbers going down, the podcast uses Blog Talk Radio (you know how I feel about them). In addition to being bad phone quality it's distorted bad phone quality. Again, this is not going to inspire me to advertise on your show. As an advertiser I want my marketing message to come in loud and CLEAR. Take a listen. It's quite possibly the worst audio I've ever heard. Keep in mind this “Replay Thursday” is a “Best of” episode. If you make it, it gets really good at the 2:12 mark. They finally go to the “material” and it's just static. AWESOME.

Maybe the reason your numbers are going down is because you are including the same 5 minute commercial interview in your podcast every month? (see the bold section above).

Is Your Website a Victim of Front Page Creep?

Their media kits mentions how many page views they get. When you look at their website, it's hard to see what part of the website they are selling. It appears the whole page is advertising. It's a magazine theme, with ads and widgets o'plenty.  This is easy to fall into (see my Weekly Web Tools website). This is where you add “one more thing” and as more things creep on the site you don't notice its getting messy.

Reach Out Job Search


If you want to sell advertising on your website, be sure the advertiser has a position on your website that stands out and has value. Where is the advertiser in the “Above the fold” screenshot? I don't see one. I do love that right below social media icons in the upper right hand corner, there is a Google+ icon right below the Google+ icon.

How a Minimalist Approach Can Pay Off Big

This video from Derek Halpern show how to make things SIMPLE on your website so things stand out.

Final Points

  • Make sure your media kit shows your podcast in a positive light.
  • Make sure you are delivering the best quality you can.
  • Make sure your content and advertising don't blend too much together.