I realized that I never peaked at the stats for my free Podcast promotion service Podcast Clicks. When I did I see where we delivered 208,012 clicks in 2010 to Podcasters.

That calculates to 584 clicks a day. Currently there are 56 users which means they a typical users receives about 10 clicks per day (300 a month).

What do you pay for this service? Nothing its free.

What do you do? You upload a banner to your website, login to the site and “tell” podcastclicks.com where your banner is. You ten copy and paste some code on your website. When you show a banner on your website, your banner is being shown on another website.

OK, what's the catch, really…

I do have one banner in each group that advertises the School of Podcasting. If you don't have a banner, we have some people who can help you with that.

For more information go to www.podcastclicks.com