Looking back at 2008, there were some things that were working and some things that were disappointments

Today I was thinking about the things that didn't go so well. Here are some of the things that went south in 2008.

Podpress was a great plugin. I never used all the features (as they often didn't work). It added alot of versatility to your blog. When the new versions of WordPress came out, it broke podpress. The good news is between blubrry powerpress and the good old old fashioned “audio player” plugin from 1 pixel I've been able to find satisfactory alternatives. From what I've heard in a few podcasts, WordPress supplied the code to fix podpress to the people who support it, and they still haven't updated their plugin.  I am actually implementing the 1 pixle player on my “Logical Weight Loss” podcast (www.logicalloss.com) and I am using the plugin to put a “subscribe in itunes” pre roll.

Mevio.  – thats all I can say. I have more potential going into 2009 using the company, but I can't pay my bills with potential. Hopefully these are just growing pains on my way to “quitting my day job.”

My deepest disappointment was back in April of 2008 I had mentioned that the Podango Show Builder Lite tool had been broken (from what I understand it was fragile to start with). It works, but the automatic updating of advertising in your podcasts does not. Lee from Podango had commented on the post and I felt better knowing they were working on it. I sent an e-mail to Lee last week, but have not received an update (as its not been fixed).

I believe that this is a tool that some podcasters would pay for. For those that are doing affiliate marketing as an income this is a great tool (and let's face it many of the “big” podcast networks are simply doing affiliate marketing). It would be great if the single podcaster had a tool that could dynamically create podcasts based on “pieces parts” that they upload. Then when one of the pieces parts is updated, the entire back catalog is updated. This was a great system on paper, and darn it I want one for Chritmas.

With systems like Amazon S3 for the back end, I'm not sure why this is not a reality yet. Can Doug Kaye and the folks at gigavox temporarily get in there and fix it? I know if you use Libsyn Pro they have a simliar system (but a little expensive for the average podcaster). There is a need here companies. There is a niche.

Santa, can you please send someone to fill it?