bestoftheworst300sqaure.pngAt one point I had 7 different podcasts going. Suddenly topics that I was passionate about became a burden. I also found that most of my podcasts were getting "watered down" as there is only so much time for gathering show content in a day.

One podcast "Best of the Worst" (think the first couple of episodes of American Idol) podfaded. I had a number of fans email and say they missed it, so  I brought it back this year. The problem is the "passion" for this podcast just isnt there – but the audience (small but loyal) is.

According to feedburner I'm averaging 55 subscribers (after not putting out a show for almost 3 months, at one point it is was around 100). The three episodes after "un-podfading" got as high as 2099 downloads (and the lowest being 258). (See this post )

So while I am walking away from this show, it doesn't mean it has to die. Bob Barker retired why can't I retire (from this  podcast not all podcasting)?. So if you're a sarcastic person who enjoys having fun at the expense of others, doesn't mind the occasional hate e-mail, the "Best of the Worst" podcast is waiting for you!

I will sell you the domain ( )for what I paid for it, gladly work with you to switch over the feed. The only thing I ask is that you host the blog at (my hosting company) so I get compensated in some way. (It's $2 bucks a month). You can host the mp3 files wherever you want ( etc).

If you're interested contact me at 888-563-3228 or 243-542-0893