I was in my weekly webinar with the member of the School of Podcasting and Tim Dewey from the Sled Dog Podcast asked me  "Have you ever listend to the podcast, The history according to Bob?" to which I said, "No." Some of the people of the webinar are listening and they love it.

This is very interesting. Here are some points after listening to his latest episode.

1. He was talking about some juciy sex filled gossip (those Kings can get kinda kinky).
2. The podcast was less than 20 minutes. 
3. He turns on a mic and talks. No Geoff Smith theme song, no music. Mic on – talk -mic off.
4. He has no large back catalog, but you can buy back episodes on CD, or a single episode for .95. 
5. He apparently is using podlot.net and yet when I go there, its a redirect to podcastready.com (curious how he handles a big audience (?)…
6. His album art in iTunes.. um .. stunning
6. He OBVIOUSLY is boo-koo passionate about his topic (history).


Its always nice when I see what I've been talking about in action. That if you want to sell your podcast, you do away with the available back catalog and sell it instead (as long as content is king).

I expect to hear him on Paul Colligan's Profitable Podcasting podcast in the future. I may ask him to tbe on the The School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements as well.