Get ready for another batch of "Podcasting is Dead" or "Podshow is Dead" headline grabbing BS.

Podshow recently changed their name from Podcshow to Mevio. They say that they kept having conflicts with advertisers who got stuck on the "pod" part of the name. I believe it. I've had the same problem. I have to use the phrase "Internet Radio show" to avoid the first part of a conversation being all about "no you don't need an ipod."

I beleive the "podshow factor" will come into play. This means that a line will form right over there to kick podshow for doing the same thing that other companies have done.

In my business, in my podcast, I take action and then assess the success (or lack of). Then I make changes, and repeat. It is my campain that I call "constant improvement."

Here is the video with Ron Bloom