Click Here To Download Your Free Copy Of Rapid Video BloggingI just spent a few hours watching some videos from Gideon Shalwick, and reading over his 90 page report on using youtube to promote your business, and build an email list. I also see where you could use this to promote your podcast. I'm doing a test shortly after I post this using youtube, and I'll let you know how it works.

Gideon has some great tips, and insights. He even has a video that shows all of his equipment (nothing to crazy, he's using a flip camera).

The free youtube report spotlights some tips and strategies for using youtube as well as some great resources for getting you going in the right direction.

You may be thinking, “But I do an audio podcast” well so do I, but after watching these videos I'm going to start making promotional videos to drive traffic to my podcast. Youtube is the snd most popular search engine and gets over 1 billion views per day. Even if you don't do a video podcast, you should probably go play in the this traffic. It's just that HUGE.

The course goes live tomorrow after 10 AM EST, but pick up the free report and watch the videos any time. If you decide to purchase, he is giving away some great gifts and benefits for anyone who purchases within the first 24 hours.

For more information go to