Back in 1992 I was a copier technician. We wore shirts and ties. Then we went and ripped apart copiers and got toner all over them. It was wonderful. This eventually lead to me being a customer service person who would go into an office and teach people how to run their copier. This lead to me being the head of the training department. All along the way I was wearing a tie. Then we went business casual. – Hallelujah.

Then I got a position where I was training different people at newspapers (same job different position as I HATED being in charge (babysitting) the training department). unfortunately, back came the tie. A few years later I was back to business casual (with a new position).

It's been many moons since I've worn a tie. Everyone is happy with business casual. However, tomorrow I start my position as a “teacher's assistant” at Stark State College (where I got my first degree, and if they have an education degree program where I would've obtained this degree). I need to dig through my closet and find some long sleeved shirts and some ties.

It's like being on one side of a hill, and smelling the flowers on the other side. I've got four classes to go (taking two now), and I will be returning to the “Corporate” world. It will be weird not having such a flexible schedule. It will also be nice have a little cash in the bank. The good news is ties got COOL. Check out the Wild Ties link at the begining of the post. Pink Floyd Ties – woo hoo!