In a recent article by Mark Ramsey, he explain how an ESPN station has decide to remove their podcast for 24 hours. The problem? Nobody is listening live anymore, so to “fix” this they are going to “punish”the people who listen later (this is my opinion). The problem according to program director:

In order to be in the radio business, we need people to listen when we’re on the radio….The way radio is judged is through ratings and if people download podcasts and listen on headphones we don’t get credit for it. So we need to figure out ways to get people to listen when we get credit.”

Or get better sales people who can educate and explain the power of the niche….

In the end, I don't think a sponsor cares that they are on the number one station. I believe they care if you help them move products.

The station had about 100 people complain – all from outside their listening area. So instead of getting people to listen who could,  you pissed off the people who have no choice but to listen to the podcast. Congratulations on upsetting some people who are actually listening. You didn't add new live listeners, you decreased your podcast audience.

Nice job.

Much like the music industry who is still trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, Radio should be focusing on how to make money through podcasting (might I suggest my Book boys?). In a world of ten thousand choices, you can't make your audience stick with the one YOU decide is best for them. Why do you think I offer this blog as an email newsletter? You have to give the content in the way that people want it, and be happy that they are consuming your content.