One host is in Kansas, the other host is in Liverpool England. The one thing they have in common is a skype connection, the love of soccer/football and a team (Everton). The podcast is call the falltonians.

They wanted an “A list” soccer player Landon Donovan to come on the show. They didn't have to beg to get him to come on. Why? Their loyal (global) audience sent messages to Donovan via Twitter until he agreed.

That strategy paid off and landed the Followtonians a world-exclusive interview. That episode has gotten more than 14,000 hits since its release in late December. The high volume far exceeded the average 2,000 downloads. Quotes from the interview also made their way into Liverpool newspaper headlines as well as a story in the New York Post.

Once again, a podcast is a great way to establish a global audience that when united in effort can make things happen.