planningI am testing a new system called its from the people behind This is a service that you can make some videos (short or long) and upload them to their server (no hosting fees for you), and they handle all the charges, etc.

As I write this they have over 29,000 tutorials from 305 instructors. The interesting thing is you don't have to worry about pricing your course. Why? As its an all you can eat buffet. User can sign up for a free 7 day trial. If they stay signed up its $20 a month and the have access to every single tutorial. The more people watch yours, the more money you make. The cream will rise to the top. takes 30% of their revenue and splits it with all the instructors based on how much your content was viewed. If 10% of the viewing was your content, you would get 10% of the 30% that they set aside. The other 70% goes to “ invest in Skillfeed's mission to help instructors reach the broadest possible audience, with the primary focus being on marketing instructors' courses and building and maintaining a platform that makes it easy to discover and enjoy helpful instructional videos.” That means you don't really know. 

So I'm putting my planning your podcast course online. It's 2.5 hours and you can see it here. 

If you want to be an instructor you can sign up here.