I think I get it. This week I was on Today in Podcasting and got to field questions about Podshow changing their name to Mevio. As the only person associated with Podshow (I'm just a producer), I was looked to for inside information. I had none. Just the company line that the word "Pod" in their name slowed down sales,  caused issues etc. Nobody was buying that and they insisted this was something to do to position themselves differently. It was also a signal (many felt) that they were in serious financial trouble.

Again, all I have is the company line.

But then I realized something. As much as people love to kick Mevishow, or Podvio, we all want (or should want) Mevio to succeed. Without checking any numbers, they are definitely in the top of "receiving VC money." So if Mevio tanks, then Podcasting will suffer a significant hit. The world will go, "one of the pioneers just went down, and it wasn't from lack of funding."

All I know is I keep making content. They keep finding me sponsors (Godaddy, Hard Rock Cafe, Emusic) and writing me checks. It seems to be working for me.