I talked about business podcasts in my last podcast. I spoke about how its a great way to build a relationship with your customers. I'm not sure what McDonald's is doing with their podcast. It seems to be served with a side of propaganda. One episode interviews someone who works with the meat packaging plants (but gives no specifics). There is the 2008 Shareholder's meeting which is great for insomniacs. Many of them seem to be generated by a “Corporate Social Responsbility” division of McDonalds.

One episode is “What its like to have a McJob?”  The first year of the McDonalds is the “McDonalds you don't know.” These episodes show community work that different owners are doing. These seemed focused, but the podcasts in 2008 seem a bit lost. If nothing else, one can say one of the largest companies in the world has a podcast.  Aside from that, there is not much to listen to.