There are many reasons to start a podcast. You want to be seen as an expert, you want to earn some money, you want to reach an audience, make them laugh, cry, think, or groan.

I have different podcast for different niches. My Musicians Cooler podcast helps bands get more gigs, sales, and fans. My School of Podcasting podcast helps people understand podcasting and the tools around it. My Weekly Web Tools podcast spotlights cool technology for the DIY Webmaster and solopreneur. My Building a Better Dave podcast is a painfully honest look at my life, my successes, and my mistakes. It's meant to help people learn from my mistakes, and maybe make them laugh.

My Logical Weight Loss Podcast was started to document my weight loss as I was back up to being heavier than I wanted. That was three years ago. The weight is still here (it goes up and down), but the audience is incredibly supportive, and has built a great little community that helps each other out, and provides support and guidance.

I've received some cool stuff from podcasting. I am now using a new Electro Voice RE320 microphone because of my podcast. I've been asked to speak at conventions. This is all great. I'm sure you may think the author of “More Podcast Money” is in it for the money. Well, the e-mail I recently received from a Logical Weight Loss listener is priceless. It is the true reason I hit the record button.

“Dear Dave,

       I want thank you and to tell you the inspiration you have been to me. I have battled weight issues all my life and prior to April 2010 I had all but given up and then I stumbled upon you at Logical Weight loss,  you said don't look at losing 100 pounds, look at it like losing 10 pounds ten times. I had never looked at it like that, and said to myself I can do that. So as of today I have lost 110 pounds, I'm not done, but feel so much better than I did 15 months ago. You make a huge difference in our lives.

Gratefully yours,

As a teacher I love to help people, so when I got this email it made my day. I'm just a dude in the basement, and somehow I made a difference. You can make a difference.

If you are thinking of starting a podcast and have not done a thing yet (no website, no microphone, etc), I'm working on a free idea to help people get started. Please email me at dave “at” schooolofpodcasting “dot” com (spelled out to avoid spam). I would love to help you start a podcast so you can start making a difference as well.