The number 1 afternoon radio show in Cleveland is the Mike Trivisonno show. He is entertaining. Much like most podcasters, Mike is not really a “broadcaster.” He is more “one of us” behind a microphone.

However, there are times when I leave my job and I won't actually here Mike for 10 minutes. I sit through a long line waiting to get on the freeway, and I never hear Mike.

I hear commercials, and jingles, and teasers, but not much show.

Now they are providing allĀ  of his show for download and you can throw it into iTunes (this is great as I miss much of his first hour, and all of the third). In the episode I'm listening to, he just made a bet with someone, and they said “Mark the time, it's 3:44.” The interesting thing is I'm 24 minutes into the podcast. This means that in the first 44 minutes of radio, there had already been 20 minutes of commercials.

With this in mind, I looked to see how long the file of his “first hour” is? 37 minutes. That looks like there is 23 minutes of commercials per hour or 38%.

This is why I don't listen to Radio. People have to beĀ super entertaining to get me to even tune in.